The natural water cycle is the continuous movement of water from one space and form to another, like for example by gravity, as rainwater runs through rivers to the ocean, or driven by the sun in evaporation from the sea into clouds and back as rain or snow. 

In Water Cycle Management we insert the human activity into this natural cycle. We need to store and use water in different places like our households, in agriculture and industry, but also for recreational and environmental activities. Water engineering aims to provide safe and clean water, and deals both with providing infrastructure for water storage and distribution, as with water and sewage treatment. 

When treated, the quality of the water is improved to make it either apt as drinking water for households or suitable for agricultural and industrial uses. The used wastewater is treated to make it clean of contaminants and available for re-use in the water cycle. Wastewater treatments include several methods like chemical treatment, use of bacterial and biological processes and disinfection methods. Still the treated water contains harmful substances that is often returned to nature and to the water cycle.

Today there are local alternatives to centralized sewage pipelines and treatments, where sewage water can be treated close to the source and therefore act more as a resource in a local system in close interaction with the water cycle, rather than a problem to be treated elsewhere. Local solutions also make the users more involved and raise their awareness of the importance of a conscious and respectful use of our limited water resources.

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Your own system … ?

There can be various reasons why you would decide to invest in your own water treatment installation. The most obvious reason being that there is no other alternative at hand, when there is no municipal freshwater or sewage system available in a rural area. But even in dense urban zones with all kinds of networks just passing by your plot, there can be many reason for thinking in terms of your own installation. 

Freshwater is a increasingly scarce resource with frequent cutoffs and quality issues in some areas and many wastewater networks today have serious capacity problems, sometimes with frequent cloggings and possibly without enough maintenance. You might want to control your access to freshwater and your water usage. Designing your own water management systems, you can have environmentally friendly solutions, that keeps valuable water and nutrients on your premises for plants and farming, upcycling water quality and reducing your consumption inside a closed water cycle, making you less dependably on the performance of exterior systems.