The Aquatron sewage solution is a Swedish invention that has been on both the local and international market for nearly 40 years. Aquatron is an ecological composting system that allows you to install functional standard water closets with no connection to the public sewage. But is also very useful as a pre-treatment in public sewage systems to increase their capacity and avoid blockages.

In a totally off-grid system you often have a limited number of choices if you want to make a small environmental impact and still would like the same comfort and hygiene that you are accustomed to. If you have the possibility to collect and store rainwater then the Aquatron is a great solution as it uses normal flushing toilets but then separates the solid waste into a composting chamber, where it soon convert into a good and natural fertiliser.

The Aquatron is equipped with a unique separator that uses only the force of gravity and the momentum of the flushing water (no moving parts) to separate away up to 98 % of the water. So, neither chemicals nor electricity is needed for the installation.  In that way Aquatron combines the comfort and hygiene of a WC system with the ecological and environmental characteristics of a biodegrading toilet.

The resulting liquid is then united with the grey-water (coming from the shower, washing the dishes or the toilet sink for example) and continue to a decanter where it is filtered before being infiltrated into the terrain for its final purification. The decanter is buried into the ground and does not suppose a visible item. To fully take advantage of the resulting water after purification, it can of course also be used for irrigation of for example a lawn of fruit-trees. 

There are different models and sizes of the Aquatron that all share the same separator, which is really the heart of the system. This makes the system well suited for everything from single-family homes or summer houses, off-grid touristic constructions to big public buildings. The Aquatron separator is a very precisely made vortex that have the capacity to direct the solid waste to the centre of the flow and the liquid away and out by holes to the sides. You can even use a custom-made compost chamber if you want in combination with the Aquatron separator.

In many countries, like for example in India, the sewage system is often very heavily overused with frequent capacity problems and under constant pressure from the addition of new constructions. Here the Aquatron system is also used in big office and housing complexes as a means of reducing the load and risk of blockage. It is also true that in public sewage systems a lot of people don’t think twice about what they throw down the toilet, so in that case the Aquatron does a good job sorting out stuff that could cause problems further down the line.

And as a bonus outcome all Aquatron users get composted and fertile soil that even can have a commercial use.