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Language services

Professional language services from a native Swedish freelance translator with long and proven experience, whose main areas of specialization are IT, Construction and Engineering. We an offer translations of technical documents like manuals, catalogues, drawings, websites, software, data sheets, technical specifications and so forth. With recent experience in other fields, such as HVAC, energy, gas, robotics, logistics, agriculture, tourism, material handling and automotive.

High level usage of language expert tools like memoQ or SDL Trados Studio, both in standalone and server or cloud configurations.  Conversions between file formats and working platforms like Windows PC, Apple macOS or iOS.

Translations from English and Spanish into Swedish, with other European languages on request.

Teams for bigger projects, working tightly in translator-proofreader duos, or with more collaborators in very large projects using shared resources in real-time through memoQ Cloud Server. 

High quality translations, with extensive use of references and resources through a fixed QA process. Contact us for further information, rates and cv’s.


The natural water cycle is the continuous movement of water from one space and form to another, like for example by gravity, as rainwater runs through rivers to the ocean, or driven by the sun in evaporation from the sea into clouds and back as rain or snow. 

In Water Cycle Management we insert the human activity into this natural cycle. We need to store and use water in different places like our households, in agriculture and industry, but also for recreational and environmental activities. Water engineering aims to provide safe and clean water, and deals both with providing infrastructure for water storage and distribution, as with water and sewage treatment. 

When treated, the quality of the water is improved to make it either apt as drinking water for households or suitable for agricultural and industrial uses. The used wastewater is treated to make it clean of contaminants and available for re-use in the water cycle. Wastewater treatments include several methods like chemical treatment, use of bacterial and biological processes and disinfection methods. Still the treated water contains harmful substances that is often returned to nature and to the water cycle.

Today there are local alternatives to centralized sewage pipelines and treatments, where sewage water can be treated close to the source and therefore act more as a resource in a local system in close interaction with the water cycle, rather than a problem to be treated elsewhere. Local solutions also make the users more involved and raise their awareness of the importance of a conscious and respectful use of our limited water resources.

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Your own system … ?

There can be various reasons why you would decide to invest in your own water treatment installation. The most obvious reason being that there is no other alternative at hand, when there is no municipal freshwater or sewage system available in a rural area. But even in dense urban zones with all kinds of networks just passing by your plot, there can be many reason for thinking in terms of your own installation. 

Freshwater is a increasingly scarce resource with frequent cutoffs and quality issues in some areas and many wastewater networks today have serious capacity problems, sometimes with frequent cloggings and possibly without enough maintenance. You might want to control your access to freshwater and your water usage. Designing your own water management systems, you can have environmentally friendly solutions, that keeps valuable water and nutrients on your premises for plants and farming, upcycling water quality and reducing your consumption inside a closed water cycle, making you less dependably on the performance of exterior systems.



The Aquatron sewage solution is a Swedish invention that has been on both the local and international market for nearly 40 years. Aquatron is an ecological composting system that allows you to install functional standard water closets with no connection to the public sewage. But is also very useful as a pre-treatment in public sewage systems to increase their capacity and avoid blockages.

In a totally off-grid system you often have a limited number of choices if you want to make a small environmental impact and still would like the same comfort and hygiene that you are accustomed to. If you have the possibility to collect and store rainwater then the Aquatron is a great solution as it uses normal flushing toilets but then separates the solid waste into a composting chamber, where it soon convert into a good and natural fertiliser.

The Aquatron is equipped with a unique separator that uses only the force of gravity and the momentum of the flushing water (no moving parts) to separate away up to 98 % of the water. So, neither chemicals nor electricity is needed for the installation.  In that way Aquatron combines the comfort and hygiene of a WC system with the ecological and environmental characteristics of a biodegrading toilet.

The resulting liquid is then united with the grey-water (coming from the shower, washing the dishes or the toilet sink for example) and continue to a decanter where it is filtered before being infiltrated into the terrain for its final purification. The decanter is buried into the ground and does not suppose a visible item. To fully take advantage of the resulting water after purification, it can of course also be used for irrigation of for example a lawn of fruit-trees. 

There are different models and sizes of the Aquatron that all share the same separator, which is really the heart of the system. This makes the system well suited for everything from single-family homes or summer houses, off-grid touristic constructions to big public buildings. The Aquatron separator is a very precisely made vortex that have the capacity to direct the solid waste to the centre of the flow and the liquid away and out by holes to the sides. You can even use a custom-made compost chamber if you want in combination with the Aquatron separator.

In many countries, like for example in India, the sewage system is often very heavily overused with frequent capacity problems and under constant pressure from the addition of new constructions. Here the Aquatron system is also used in big office and housing complexes as a means of reducing the load and risk of blockage. It is also true that in public sewage systems a lot of people don’t think twice about what they throw down the toilet, so in that case the Aquatron does a good job sorting out stuff that could cause problems further down the line.

And as a bonus outcome all Aquatron users get composted and fertile soil that even can have a commercial use.


We are official distributors in Spain and Portugal for the well-proven Swedish product series Aquatron, an ecologic toilet system with fresh and easy composting. There are Aquatron models for every case, from holiday cottages and family homes to big installations for offices or schools. The standard Aquatron solution uses regular flushing toilets and the patented Aquatron Separator that, only by the use of centrifugal force and gravity, separates the liquid from the solid materials, which falls into the bio-chambers for fast and odor-free composting into nutritious soil.

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Aquatron 2x50

Suitable for the simple vacation house for 2–3 persons where the space is very limited. The bio-chamber (50 liters) empties approximately every 150 visits.

  • The two chambers can be exchanged with each other.
  • Compost worms can be used directly in the box even at low loads
  • Can be customised for any level of safety regulations for individual sewage systems

Technical data:

  • Height: approx 95 cm (total with separator and bio-chamber)
  • Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): 1 040 x 600 x 400 mm
  • Each chamber volume: approx 50 liter
  • Weight: approx 30 kg



Aquatron 90

Suitable for the the family vacation house, 2–3 persons.

  • The bio-chamber (drawer 90 liters) empties approximately every 200 visits.
  • If an extra drawer is used, the post-composting may take place directly in the drawer.
  • Compost worms can be used directly in the box even at low loads
  • Can be customised for any level of safety regulations for individual sewage systems

Technical data:

  • Height: approx 110 cm (total with separator and bio-chamber)
  • Size of bio chamber (LxWxH): 700 x 600 x 600 mm
  • Chamber volume: approx 90 liter
  • Weight: approx 22 kg

Aquatron 4x100

Suitable for a smaller family vacation house (5 persons) or small household with 1–2 persons, permanent living.

  • The bio chamber (4 compartments, about 100 liters each) is rotated every 300 visit or 3–4 months.
  • A full rotation takes approx 1 year, then the post-composted chamber is ready to be used again, or emptied (with some nutritious odourless soil at the bottom).

Technical data:

  • Height: approx 110 cm (total with separator and bio chamber)
  • Size of the bio-chamber (WxH): 1 150 x 550 mm
  • Each chamber volume: approx 100 liter
  • Weight: approx 55 kg



Aquatron 4x200

Suitable for a bigger family vacation house or small to medium household with 5 persons, permanent living.

  • The bio chamber (4 compartments, about 170 liters each) is rotated every 600 visit or 3–4 months.
  • A full rotation takes approx 1 year, then the post-composted chamber is ready to be used again, or emptied (with some nutritious odourless soil at the bottom).

Technical data:

  • Height: approx 118 cm (total with separator and bio chamber)
  • Size of the bio-chamber (LxWxH): 1 280 x 640 mm
  • Each chamber volume: approx 170 liter
  • Weight: approx 75 kg


Aquatron 4x300

Aquatron 4x300

Our biggest system with four compartments, designed for schools, day-care centers, small offices and other intermediate or larger sized buildings located in places lacking municipal sewer systems.

The capacity of one compartment is about 900 visits before turning the barrel for a new compartment (the frequency of usage may change this value).

Technical data:

  • Height: approx 140 cm (total with separator och bio chamber)
  • Size of bio-chamber (LxWxH): 1 580 x 800 mm
  • Each chamber volume: approx 300 liter
  • Weight: approx 85 kg

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Aquatron Ecodry

The Aquatron Ecodry is a ecological dry-toilet that uses toilets without flushing, where even the urine can be diverted to a separate container, while the solid material falls directly into the Aquatron bio-chamber underneath.

The natural choice to save water and still be able to use a toilet made of hygienic porcelain instead of plastic.

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Tolago Biomodules

The Tolago Biomodule is developed to get a more efficient treatment of the wastewater for smaller and larger facilities on a smaller area, partly by oxygenation and the open structure  that helps break down the pollutants in the wastewater to distribute it evenly over the module by means of a distribution network in the biomodule.
These modules are the optimum solution in combination with a Aquatron Separator and are to be combined with a sludge separator.

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Matala Biofilter

The Matala biofilters are simple and biological treatment units for small amounts of grey waters. These modules are the best solution for treatment of only grey-water and in combination with the Aquatron Ecodry.

  • Filter design enhances growth of different bacteria and organisms that will colonise different sections of the filter.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Pattern traps more dirt at high flow rates without clogging.

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